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Does Coldwell Banker Realty Connections offer a service guarantee for work provided by the vendors?

While Coldwell Banker Realty Connections takes great care in checking all the appropriate credentials for the vendors and are confident about their past and present work performance, service providers are not owned by Coldwell Banker Realty and we cannot monitor their daily operations. It is important that you perform your own investigation into the credibility and credentials of each provider. Communication between the vendor and the customer is critical throughout the project, particularly if you begin to feel any dissatisfaction. Coldwell Banker Realty Connections recommends that you obtain detailed bids and invoices in writing, including the amounts due based on a work completion schedule. You should be completely satisfied with the work performed.

How was the Coldwell Banker Realty Connections Program created?

The Connections service was established in 1995, the first of its kind in the real estate industry. Clients and independent agents were seeking assistance in a centralized location to find the most qualified and experienced service providers in their local markets. Connections was born to fulfill that need. The program was quickly embraced by both independent agents and customers as a dependable resource for finding the best local vendors in the industry. The program was taken online in 2006.

Why should I use the Connections service providers instead of going to a vendor resource website or using the first vendor that pops up in an online search?

When you select a Coldwell Banker Realty Connections qualified vendor, you are not simply making a random selection based on an online advertisement or search results. As a local company, Coldwell Banker Realty Connections gives you the confidence of knowing that Coldwell Banker Realty independent agents and customers have successfully worked with these vendors. Connections has a well-deserved reputation for maintaining the highest standard of vendor admittance and oversight. The rigorous qualifications and management have earned Coldwell Banker Realty its reputation guaranteeing that you will work with only the best.

How do I know the vendors are reputable?

Coldwell Banker Realty Connections service providers are subject to an extensive screening process before being accepted into the program.

Service providers must:

  • Provide proof of the appropriate insurance coverage for their service category
  • Hold the appropriate proof of licensure for their line of work as required by the state contractor’s board
  • Offer three recent references, which Connections will contact to ensure the quality of service
  • Show proof of bonding, if applicable. As a part of their licensing, the state requires that certain providers be bonded. Connections ensures it is active and current
  • Pass criminal background checks. This is required for certain categories of applicants.
  • Sign a legally binding agreement outlining the Connections expectations and performance guidelines

Coldwell Banker Realty Connections also performs a detailed online search to see if any negative reviews or information comes up on a vendor. Many of our vendors come recommended from independent agents, managers and our customers.

Do the Connections vendors offer discounted rates?

As part of their relationship with Connections, vendors are asked to provide the most competitive pricing out there. They value the relationship and will do everything they can to deliver excellent pricing and a quality product. Since many are small locally owned companies, their margins may be smaller than a large national organization.

If this is a free service, how does Coldwell Banker Realty Connections cover the cost of this service?

To provide this service free of charge to Coldwell Banker Realty clients, Connections charges the invited vendors a small annual advertising fee to support this website. These fees do not affect your estimates or cost of services.

History of Coldwell Banker

The Coldwell Banker organization has been a premier full-service real estate provider for over a century. Coldwell Banker was established in 1906 after San Francisco emerged from a devastating earthquake. Founders Colbert Coldwell and Benjamin Arthur Banker saw the need for honest, knowledgeable and professional real estate services to help the city rebuild. The ethics, integrity and customer support that earned a reputation for the firm began a tradition of service that continues to this day. The company began expanding into Southern California during the 1920s, and in the following decades, grew to encompass a national and worldwide presence. Coldwell Banker Realty, Inc. Arizona and Southern California is operated out of the same hub in AZ.

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